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I am 59 years old and have had RLS for over 40 years.  I have seen a doctor for over 20 years for this problem without success.  I started seeing Barbara in July 2011.  She has been a BIG help for me. I still have RLS, but I am MUCH more at ease, and I am sleeping more now than in the past.
She has helped me a lot!   Al

Upon my boss' recommendation, I made an appointment with Barbara even though I hate the thought of needles.  Now I only wish I had done this sooner because she's helped me in so many ways!  Although I came to Barbara for relief from hot flashes, she has also improved my life in other ways.  I feel more centered and balanced in my life, as well as generally happier and more content.  She makes me feel like I 've been on a two week very relaxing vacation after such  relaxing treatments.  Even some of my coworkers have noticed how much more calm and relaxed I am during stressful days.    I have recommended Barbara to many people and can only hope they find the calmness and serenity that I have discovered.   Gloria

Barbara is one of those rare practitioners who evaluates your heart as closely as she does your body.  I have entrusted my care to Barbara for four years and plan to continue.  The treatment table in Barb's office has become one of my undeniable happy places in life, in that environment, I know that health, healing, and wholeness are abundantly at hand.  Ash

Barbara Barnhart, L.Ac

Colorado Springs, CO 80907


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